30 Days Makes a Difference

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul has an amazing history dating back to the early 1900’s. Their services touch the lives of the underserved helping them with food, clothing, health care, legal advice, and their highly successful Changing Lives Forever program.

Our 30 Days Makes a Difference 2019 campaign will focus on Changing Lives Forever.

This powerful 18–week program guides participants to again become active members of our community.

Our goal is $40,000. This will allow 75 students to begin class. We have made a $5,000 donation & are matching an additional $10,000 as well. This puts us on target to reach our goal!

The 30 days begins now and we are asking for your help. Together we will change lives!

You may donate by debiting your Lee Supply account, sending a check, giving a gift in kind, or donating online.

How You Can Help

The faces of poverty surround us: they go to our area schools, attend the same churches, and often just live down the street from us. Most startling is that nearly 33% of all children in Marion County under the age of 18 are in poverty. Which begs the question… what can I do?

There is room at the table of help for everyone. An abundance of volunteer opportunities exist. Donations of used appliances and furniture are needed. Monetary donations support the the many works performed by SVdP to address community needs. The call for help and the fulfillment of that need speaks to the heart of Jesus’ message: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Your involvement will never be more important — or rewarding.

Here at Lee, we are not only dedicated to making an impact in our industry, but our Community as well. This year we have chosen to support St Vincent de Paul and have set out to raise $40,000 in our 30 Days Makes a Difference Campaign. We are reaching out to our Customers, Vendors, Friends and Family to help us raise money to support St Vincent and their cause. Below are some of the ways they improve our Communities every day.

St Vincent de Paul:

  • Have been in our communities since 1900
  • Have food pantries feeding 11,000 a week
  • Free health clinic
  • Free legal assistance program
  • Offers clothing, appliances, home furnishings
  • Changing Lives Forever Program:
    • An 18 week course coaching how a person can become a productive citizen
  • 100% of staff are volunteers – no one receives a salary

We’re inviting you to join the Team and help achieve our goal of $40,000. If you’ve partnered with us before, thank you! If so, may we count on your support again? If you’re new to the campaign; please, consider joining us! You can join us by clicking the link below or following the link in the attached PDF. Thank you for any support you can provide.


This program will be an educational experience that will helps participants identify not only their strengths and weaknesses but also the strengths and weaknesses of their community.

SVdP Food Pantry

St. Vincent de Paul provides a selection of food and self-help programs to those in need in an atmosphere of dignity and respect for client and volunteer alike.

SVdP Food Pantry

Each Saturday Society of St. Vincent de Paul takes meals to Roberts Park Methodist Church provided by host churches to the Indianapolis homeless community.

Distribution Center

The Maryland Street Distribution Center serves all of central Indiana. At the distribution center you’ll find Appliances, furniture, clothing, and basic household goods received from donors, or from vendors at discounted prices.