As the seasons start to change, we’d much rather drink our wine inside the warmth of our home than go out to a bar or restaurant. Wine consumption is increasing in the U.S., but are you storing your wine correctly at home? Below, we give you to the top tips for choosing the right wine cooler:

Humidity and Storage

Regular refrigerators are designed to keep out moisture, while wine coolers hold in moisture. That humidity keeps wine bottle corks wet, which slows down the aging process. We suggest placing your wine cooler in a location where it has access to fresh air in order to maintain the temperature and humidity levels.


Think about where you plan to keep your wine cooler. Do you want to store your wine fridge in the kitchen or the living room? Additionally, wine coolers have specific wine bottle racks for adequate storage. The amount of racks should be determined by the amount of wine you typically keep in the house.  

Energy Efficiency

We recommend purchasing a small refrigerator that uses thermoelectric cooling rather than the standard compressor. Thermoelectric wine coolers are very quiet, energy efficient, dependable, and it do not vibrate, thus enabling you to enjoy your house comfort without additional noise.

Door Design

Lastly, it’s important to consider the design of the door on your wine cooler. Some wine fridges have a solid door that protects your wine against harmful UV rays. The solid refrigerator doors are either steel, wood finish, or tempered glass doors. Tempered glass doors allow you to show off your wine collection as well as adding a design element to your home.

Check out our supply of wine coolers here. The options are endless! Enjoy.