These days, there is an overwhelming amount of refrigerators on the market. Several factors must be taken into consideration when selection this new beast of an appliance for your home. Below, we’ve posed a few questions that should make your refrigerator shopping a little easier:

  • What are the dimensions of your space? Avoid bringing home a refrigerator that won’t fit by measuring the area before shopping.
  • How much will the refrigerator hold?  Try to determine what capacity you are looking for in a refrigerator before shopping for one. You can do this by thinking about it on a per person basis and how much room you will need for each person in your family. Also think about how many meals you typically prepare in you advance, because that will determine the size you need. Don’t forget to think about drawers and shelves, too.
  • What features do you want your refrigerator to have? Think about various features that could come with a refrigerator, such as automated ice dispenser or remote temperature control. Expect to pay more for more features.
  • What do you want your refrigerator to look like? Think about the color you’d like your refrigerator to be, and how it will match your other appliances. Additionally, consider various handle styles you prefer. And finally, think about where you want the location of your freezer to be. Options include side-by-side components, freezer on top or freezer on bottom. We personally prefer bottom mount freezers. Here’s why:  Some things to think about in regards to your freezer are:
    1. Ease of reach: frozen foods are typically accessed less frequently, decreasing the amount of time you have to spend bending over to reach food items. It makes more sense for the most commonly used food items to be stored within easy reach.
    2. Large, frozen food items: side-by-side refrigerators can be limited in terms of the size of your food items since the width is smaller. Having your freezer on the bottom allows for larger items to be accommodated in both areas.
    3. Energy efficiency: since warm air rises, having your freezer on top makes your appliance work harder to cool the warm air coming in from the cooling area.

Do you have questions about which refrigerator is best for you? Give us a call or come in and visit one of our many showrooms to speak with one of our design experts. We’d love to help!