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Lee Supply offers both Web Order and Account information access through Lee Direct Online. Place orders, Check Availability, See account balances and more with Lee Direct Online.

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How to Start Ordering Online

1. Sign up for a Web Order account.
Enter your information for a Web Order account by clicking here.
We will receive your information via email, set up the account and email you back your Log in information.

2. Click the Web Order Button above and sign in.
Log in and search for an item or click “Kits” to see similar items grouped together.

3. Start ordering.
We will pre-load your account with a few Kits so you can start ordering right away.
To customize your Kits contact your closest branch and tell them what type of Kits you are looking for.
They will get it set up and put online for you so your kits have only the items you want to see in them.
If you want to get started creating your own Kits right away you can watch the Kit Creation video above for pointers and how-to’s.


How to start viewing Account Information Online

1. Sign up for an Account Information Log-in.
Please call 317-290-2500 and ask to have a web account set up.
We will set up the account and email you the Log in information.

 2. Click the Account Information Button above and sign in.
Log in and click Invoices, Orders, or Balance to keep up to date on the orders we have on hold for you and past invoices.


Lee Online Support & Feedback

If you have questions for us regarding any of our Lee Online services we are more than happy to help.

You can either email us with your concerns in the section to the right or call 317-290-2500 and we will look into any issues right away.

Also, if you have suggestions to make our Web Order or Account Information sites easier to use please email us in the space to the right.

We are constantly working to better ourselves and our Lee Online Offerings.  Any feedback you can provide is very much appreciated.

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