If you’re signed up for our email newsletters (if not, sign up here!), then you’ve been following two stories recently about how Lee Supply gives back, within our internal and external communities. Here’s how:

Lee Supply University

In 1949 Herb Lee opened the doors of Lee Supply. From that moment, the Lee Supply Professionals began building their reputation for giving Legendary Customer Service to every person that entered our store. Over the many years that have followed, this principle of treating our customers with the respect they deserve has been one of the key components for our continued growth.

We have found the only way we can always give excellent customer service is through continuing education programs. These programs are for the brand-new Lee Supply Professional as well as those who have been with us for years. Courses like the History of Lee Supply, Product Education, Customer Service, Leadership and Management – just to mention a few – are presented at our branches, online and at our Indianapolis Training Center. We call it Lee Supply University.

Our commitment to only give Legendary Customer Service is such that if you ever feel you have not received service over and above your expectations we want you to tell us! Let us know at Tell.Us@LeeSupplyCorp.com!

St. Vincent de Paul

This month, we’re looking at St Vincent de Paul’s Changing Lives Forever program. This is a wonderful program whose only goal is to teach those with needs how to go from needing help to becoming an active productive member of the work force. Our hope is that by raising the awareness of SVdP’s commitment to the underserved communities, Lee Supply might help raise funds for their many worthwhile activities.

This is a rigorous 18-week course where participants are held accountable for their homework and in-class involvement. At the end of the program students are ready to take their first steps in becoming an individual with goals and knowing the pathway towards success.

For more information on the Changing Live Forever program, to learn more about St Vincent de Paul, become a volunteer or perhaps make a donation, click here!