Manager In Training

About the Company:
Lee Supply Corp. is a family owned Plumbing and Heating Wholesale Distribution Company founded in 1949. Our company has grown over the years to include 12 locations providing service across the state of Indiana and Northwest Ohio. We pride ourselves on providing the best products and knowledgeable customer service.

Manager Training Program:
The Manager Training Program at Lee Supply is intended for those employees who are actively looking to create a long term, exceptional career with Lee Supply. The trainee in this program could be a college student working part time to start a career in the professional distribution world of Lee Supply. The training program will involve all phases of distribution from receiving products working in the warehouse to selling these in the field and or the showroom. Knowledge including all phases of distribution and the and the direct effectiveness towards profitability will be taught. The trainee will grow and perform to expectations for the Manager position.

The Training Process

Stage 1 – Warehouse Training

The first stage will be initial training at the warehouse. The trainee will be introduced and will work with the other team members to gather knowledge in receiving, pulling orders and shipping orders to customers. Warehouse product locations and handling parts will be key elements in the training as well. Safety, stamina, being efficient with time, and 100% warehouse knowledge is expected at this point. The time frame for this stage is 12 to 18 months.

Stage 2 – Sales Counter Training

The second stage of this training will be at the sales counter. Interaction is with customers, both professionals and homeowners. They will be able to precisely service and provide solutions to the customers’ needs. The trainee become proficient with the computer asset management system and have the ability to work well with a full counter needing parts.

Stage 3 – Outside and Showroom Sales

Stage three will involve the trainee learning sales/outside sales and showroom sales. The person will need to interact and manage the customer to be profitable for Lee Supply. Knowledge of competition and how to use tools to convince the customer to buy from him or her is one of the key elements at this point. Product knowledge, being resourceful and helpful to the buyer are key aspects.

Stage 4 – Assistant to the Branch Manager

The next stage in the manager training will be as an assistant to the current Branch Manager in which he or she will eventually be. The previous steps will take an average of 5 years or more depending on actual growth and knowledge development. Counter sales and outside/showroom sales may take some of the trainees and keep them in that venue as they grow into that life. The warehouse could be a fit as well for the individual that enjoys being at one place without the added stress from other venues.
Stress and dealing with it is an evaluation tool to gauge the trainee. The higher up the ladder someone grows they also are encountering added stress. The ability to satisfactorily handle this makes for a person that can professionally be a manager.