About eighty-three percent of Americans drink coffee daily. But where do all of those coffee grounds go? Below, we list all of the ways to recycle your coffee grounds, instead of sending them into the waste stream and causing harm to the environment. From cleaning products to soil for your garden, let’s get creative with our coffee grounds:

Air Freshener

Fill a shallow dish with discarded coffee grounds and cover with plastic wrap. Place the dish in the back of your fridge to get rid of bad food odors. Keep it in there for a few weeks then swap it out with a new bowl of grounds.

Cleaning Products

Sprinkle the coffee grounds on a wet rag and use the rag to scrub off stubborn stains and spills on your countertops or appliances. Additionally, you can sprinkle coffee grounds on top of the ash around your fireplace or hearth and then easily sweep up the mess without getting hit in the face with clouds of ash.

Liven Up Your Garden

Mix coffee grounds with leaves and plant matter, then sprinkle this concoction at the base of your plants in your garden for a free, strong fertilizer. This mix is especially good for roses and hydrangeas as it provides your plants with an extra boost of nitrogen, potassium and magnesium.

Bug Spray

Sprinkle a small amount of coffee grounds at the base of your plants to repel snails, ants, and slugs away from your garden!

Next time you enjoy your cup of morning joe, consider these five ways for recycling and reusing your coffee grounds, and reduce your carbon footprint!

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