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Our showrooms feature everything including the kitchen sink. Our elegant design studios showcase the leading design trends in the industry. We have partnered with a wide range of vendors to bring you only the best in kitchen products and fixtures including Kohler, delta, Sterling, Brizo and Peerless to name a few. You’ll find kitchen faucets and sinks, everything to make your dream kitchen complete at Lee Supply.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new kitchen or redesigning, visiting a kitchen showroom is the best way to visualize how the products look in a home. We encourage you to stop by and see the products for yourself.

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With so many choices in styles, brands, designs and sizes, finding the best products for your kitchen can sometimes be tricky. You’ll need to base your choice on the needs of your home, your own design sense and your budget. From the most classic styles to the newest trends in kitchen design, we’re here to help you choose the perfect kitchen products for you. Visit the Appliance page to view our full list of appliance vendors.

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Create the kitchen to fit your lifestyle

Before you begin a kitchen design project, consider the way you use your lifestyle. Do you like a big work space when you cook? Do you need extra storage space? Your kitchen design depends on your needs, so consider these tips before you begin.

  • Be aware of the space you have to work with. Cabinet space, appliances and room for cooking factor in to the overall design, layout and space.
  • Plates, glassware and silverware need space in the kitchen. Review how much space you need for storage and plan your design accordingly.
  • Do you prepare big meals, or grab food on the go? Your kitchen is a reflection of your lifestyle. If you prepare large meals every night for the family, you might require more space than someone who doesn’t prepare many meals at home.

Your kitchen design reflects your lifestyle, needs and personal taste. Before you start your next project, talk to one of our experienced design experts to help create the space right for you.

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Not sure what products are right for you? You can browse our gallery and pick your favorites, or stop by your local showroom and talk to one of our highly trained design experts.

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We don’t just want to help you create your dream kitchen, we want you to get the most out of it. Attend one of our appliance demonstrations and learn everything you need to know about your new kitchen.