The Adorne Collection

The adorne collection offers solutions to match every taste and finishes to fit any personality. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a more traditional style, the clean lines of modern design, or even a cozy, cottage-style comfort, adorne is built to fit your needs. Pick from either white or magnesium switches, dimmers, and outlets, and pair them with a wide variety of wall plate options You’ll discover everything from lush natural woods, metals, and leather to a wide array of colorful solids.



Available in seven different styles, adorne switches are far more advanced than your average toggle or decorator switch and they allow you to choose the interface that best fits your life.


Part dimmer, part switch, this combo offers a seamless on/off lighting control, as well as a slider for dimming, all in one beautifully inventive package.


The adorne collection also includes a new take on outlets, including redesigned square tamper-resistant outlets, ground fault circuit interrupter and USB charging outlets, also available is a pop-out outlet that hides the outlet when not in use.

Wall Plates

adorne wall plates are available in one through four gang sizes and are available in dozens of different colors and finishes.


Other Features

Furniture Power

Whether plugging in a light or charging a mobile device, the furniture power centers provides power that’s built directly into the furniture allowing limitless design possibilities.

Under Cabinet Lighting

The adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System brings a wide variety of modular components that can easily be reconfigured to suit your needs.

Night Lights

When not in use adorne nightlights are completely hidden out of sight and can be turned on with a simple touch. Some models can also be removed from the wall and used as flashlights.

WiFi Connectivity

Easily control your lights from your mobile devices. Add security, set your lights to vacation mode, and save energy using WiFi connectivity and the Legrand Lighting app.