Miele believes in clean lines and timeless elegance as wells as quality and convenience. For more than 100 years Miele has proven that you can rely on their appliances and are tested to withstand over 20 years of use. Each appliance brings a wealth of innovative features only available from Miele. Whether equipped with the classic rotary control, the discreet sensor or high-resolution touch display, operating a Miele is both fun and easy.


Patented 3D cutlery tray
The height, width and depth of the patented cutlery tray can be adjusted to fit even the bulkiest of cultlery.

Automatically controlled: Four LEDs illuminate the entire dishwasher interior in brilliant light.

Patented AutoOpen drying
Everything perfectly dry: At the end of the washing program the dishwasher door opens automatically.


Clean with ease: The high-quality door shelves can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.

Uniform distribution of temperature: a ventilator ensures outstanding circulation and distribution of cold air.

With NoFrost manual defrost is no longer required; circulated air prevents from building up on frozen food.


MasterChef automatic programs
Select from over 100 easy-to-use programs. Whether it is bread, cakes or meat – everything is cooked automatically.

Timer Function
Always on time: The start time, finish time and duration of the cooking process are simple to select.

Soft Open and Soft Close
The Range oven door effortlessly opens and closes, preventing the door from shutting or slamming.


MasterChef automatic programs
Choose from over 100 easy-to-use programs. Whether it is bread, cakes or meat – everything is cooked automatically.

Wireless Roast Probe
No observation needed: the countdown provides to-the-minute info on how long a program still has to run.

Special modes
For extraordinary food preparation methods: user convenience with many different special programs such as drying fruit.


Ventilation hoods can be customized just for you to suit your needs.

Miele CleanCover
Miele’s unique easy cleaning, a smooth liner in the canopy prevents contact to live components and sharp edges.

Stainless-steel grease filters (10-layer)
Exceptionally efficient in removing steam, eliminating odors and catching grease, while also being dishwasher-safe.


Miele Vacuum Types
Miele offers upright, canister, and robotic vacuums that meet the needs of many different cleaning situations.

For Cat and Dog Owners
Miele’s Cat and Dog vacuums can pick up pet hair and lint particles carpets, while their filters clean the air and neutralize odors.